Saturday, 12 July 2014

Changes and Transitions Assembly

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It's that time of year again where the Year 6's get their swagger and the nursery children come in for their afternoon trials at big school. Pupils are sizing up the next years teachers and teachers are doing the same! Change and moving on permeates throughout the school corridors up and down the land. And so this month's assembly topic was "Change and Transition" here is an assembly concocted as ever from various things I've read, seen and experienced, feel free to use it!

I decided to use the story of Joshua and Caleb spying out the land in Numbers 13-14 as I like the link between Jericho and high school! The spies explaining to Moses that they felt like grasshoppers compared to the giants in the land I felt was particularly apt!

Here is the powerpoint I put together using various images to illustrate change where the pupils had to guess what things changed into. I was also grateful to for being able to use their book graphics about Joshua and Caleb to tell the story.

Here's the assembly outline with a basic script of what I said, including a time for reflection and prayer.

I asked 3 pupils who were friends to come up to take on a "The Cube" style challenge where they had to move the rice from one container to the other, then I gave one of them chopsticks to do it. They had a go and were obviously not very successful! So I gave the two friends a spoon and an ice cream scoop to help them out. We talked about how it was then much easier to move the rice with the help of some friends with the right tools. We also worked out that had I cooked the rice (changed it's texture) it would also have been easier! Having friends to help out and using the right tools makes all the difference.

My middle daughter is about to leave primary school and face some of these challenges but we have talked about some of the positives of change and growing up (getting her ears pierced, a mobile phone and a door key featured among these!) and how we've coped with things in the past. The story of Joshua and Caleb reminds us that we need not fear when we face these things with God on our side. 
Something I also need to remember as our family goes through changes too!

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