Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bakey makery!

Been a busy mummy today! Led a craft session at our children's centre based at our church which went well, canvas painting, clay modelling, felt sewing, frame decorating and so on. Then lots of making and baking back at home trying to keep the girlies quiet while my husband sleeps off a night shift and it's too wet to throw them out in the garden! 

Anyway, I was too busy to take some photos so thought I'd post some other photos of our bakey makery that were flying out of our oven at the beginning of the summer for various birthdays, fetes and events. We do like to bake in the White house and one of my girlies is gluten free to so we also experiment a lot! 

Pink cupcake, our favourite and our best!

Chocolate cupcakes for my sister's 40th

Mini doughnuts for their friends at the end of term
(gluten and gluten free!)

All wrapped up and ready to go!

And I know that we're all a bit past the Royal Wedding now, but I was rather pleased with my first attempt at colour swirling! So please forgive me for sharing!

Well, I'd better sign off now before I'm tempted to turn the oven back on and make some more! Enjoy!


  1. they all look very scrummy! How do you get that nice swirl effect on the top of your cakes, do you pipe it on?

  2. Lovely stuff! I think the red, white and blue ones are my favs.

  3. Thank you!
    Yes I do pipe on as it's much quicker and easier and I like the look of it. I use disposable bags (lazy I know!) and a big fat nozzle called a Mr. Whippy!

  4. You are very talented! I used to make cakes but it got too fiddly for my patience to cope with lol x