Wednesday, 25 April 2012



Just wanted to share with you a special family time we had in the woods ....

Beautiful bluebells
They're almost magical aren't they? 

Busy bumblebee
The youngest Whitething was off making up stories about the Gruffalo, here is where he sits, here is where he sleeps, oh look, here's his special place - here's all his children! So cute!

The Gruffalo's special place!
Trying to find the perfect spot for a photo without crushing any bluebells!

Nice enough but not quite right!
Just need them to all look and smile at the same time while the sun is out!

Think this is my favourite! Not exactly a posed photograph but tells a story, of sisterly love, of a special time being together, sharing the story of Moses with each other, just us in the woods with the beauty of God's creation to enjoy in the sunshine - how blessed we felt.

Think it was a hug?!
See you all soon!


PS- still waiting for that dry school run!


  1. Oh gosh, those girls are sooooo beautiful, and boy, do they look like you!!
    Lovely photos. The Bluebells are beautiful.

  2. Lovely photos Jo! Your girls are beautiful and so is the scenery.

    I love bluebells : )

    Gemma @ Musings of a Gem


  3. That last photo is just perfect. I always think the more natural photos turn out best.