Monday, 12 September 2011

Award winning Whitehouse!

Please forgive the boastful nature of this post! But I just had to share about our allotment show the other weekend. Our allotment is at best fruitful but rather untidy as we cannot give it as much time as we'd like. However, we keep it ticking over and enjoy making things with what it produces. 

My mother-in-law persuaded us to enter some of our strawberry jam into the jam class at the show and convinced my eldest Whitething to make a Victoria Sponge for the cake class. We duly did, not thinking much of it as we were away camping for the weekend and wouldn't be there.

Well, imagine our surprise when we heard the results!

Our jam came second in it's class and the cake came first! 

Whitething no.1 (age 10) was chuffed to bits as she had beaten all the other adult competitors to take the first prize!

Needless to say we and especially Granny are very proud of her! And very tasty it was too!


  1. Congratulations to you both, but especially to eldest Whitething, a first for her cake, fantastic. I missed our allotment show this year as it was held on my birthday and we were off doing other things. I've never entered anything though, but I do like to pop in to show my support.

  2. Congratulations what an achievement

  3. Well done - we used to win some prizes when we had the time to enter! I've had a first with my raspberry jam & cake (pre- twins!!)We were at a football tournament instead this year!!!!! Ali x

  4. Waahoo that is great, well done! Our lotty looks a bit sad at times too, if only there was more time in the day :-)

  5. Well done - I need to put in a bulk order for your Strawberry jam and chutney (have been eeking out the beetroot one which just ran out!)... Can you persuade White Thing number 1 to make a gluten free cake??

  6. Thanks for all your comments! Chutney making next, and yes I wish there were more hours in the day too! Will ask about a gf one!

  7. Well done, matey!
    I remember that green lasagne you cooked us and our brothers and Mike, I think, all those years ago...!

  8. OOOh, well done!! Your little person must be chuffed to bits!!

    I miss homemade jam, my Dad used to make it with fruit from his allotment, but he died two years ago :0( - I ought to make some of my own but it doesn't seem the same if you have to buy the fruit.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, have added yours to my reading list....

    S x