Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Sorry for the long delay in blogging, the last few weeks of the summer holiday rather ran away with us! We've been camping, had lots of days out and good times with friends and a rather nasty sickness bug that got the better of us! 

But now, it's all over and my little White things have gone back to school which meant that I also went back to work and missed them terribly!

We've had so much fun, here's some of our highlights!

Boscombe Pier
Here come the girls...... and the waves

Roundabout pushing daddy style!


Had a fabulous time seeing the The Wizard of Oz!

Walking with friends
This summer also brought a plague of Korknisse to these parts, thanks to inspiration from Annaboo's house! Once I started making them I just couldn't stop! Soon, all our little friends wanted them too so we have started quite a community! I have hardly any photos as they are too busy being played with given away as soon as they are finished!

But I did find these pair in an empty ice cream box, floating in a bowl, having had a little sofa made for them (by my girls and their friends!) and I just had to snap it!

Camping with the Korknisse

How cute! Let's see what Autumn brings!

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  1. It looks like you've had an action packed summer, great photo of the girls in the waves. I'm sad to see my two go back to school, I do like having them at home with me.