Friday, 30 September 2011


 We've been busy at the allotment harvesting the various fruit and vegetables. Sweetcorn, that tastes so different if you pick it and cook it straight away. Raspberries that hardly ever make it home because they taste so good straight off the plant and enough potatoes to see us round til next year!

Today was the girl's harvest festival at school, outside in the playground in the glorious sunshine, and I really loved listening to their songs and poems, watching my smallest whitething proudly holding up her lettuce picture and eldest whitething playing her recorder. This is the last year they're all together at primary school so I'm especially treasuring all these precious memories.

So, this morning I wanted to record this moment for posterity but of course nobody wanted their picture taken with their harvest boxes (grrr!) so here is one of them last year (when it was much colder!) at the allotment on the way to school.

I am so thankful for all that I have, my lovely family and friends, a home (with at least one nice room in it!), a choice of food to eat, making and creating things and a sense of purpose for my life through my relationship with God. It truly is the simple things that make me happiest (and things always seem better when the sun is shining!) Happy sunny weekend everyone!


  1. There is nothing like picking your own produce is there, so magical. Loving the photo (even if it was last years :-)). x

  2. Awww, lovely photos. I'm envious of your sweetcorn, mine didn't make it this year, and it's so true, it really does taste so much better when it's cooked so soon after picking.

  3. Well done to you for growing and picking such lovely stuff!
    I wish we had a bigger garden here- but next year i might try to grow some sweetcorn.